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Fabrication Services


3D Printing

From idea to reality in a matter of minutes, produce simple to complex models accurately and quickly.


Augmented Reality Sandbox

The AR Sandbox is a self contained, hands on exhibit that allows for interactive learning and the creation of topographical models.


CNC Routing

Ideas running wild? Take them to the next level with our CNC Routers.


Customized Clocks

Release your imagination and design your clock with one of the three beautiful Jamaican woods we have in stock.


Customized Pins

Our pins visually enhance the presentation of yourself or your organization to the world.


Laser Engraving & Cutting

Cut and engrave beautiful or functional designs on materials of your choice or existing items to create unique products.

Digital Solutions


3D Modelling

Professional and photorealistic. Visualize your projects and creative ideas before production.


Graphic Design

Great art & design saves the world. Save the world through a true art experience.

Web Development


Business Website Development

We explore your business processes, determine what can be digitized then create websites that will make your business more efficient and your customers’ lives easier.


School Website Development

We create custom websites which help schools adapt and thrive in the digital age. Our websites work as a tool which ensures that your students have the best experience.


Website Hosting and Maintenance

Our team handles the technical side of uploading your website to the internet, monitoring and improving its performance while updating its content when instructed.